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How Is Plastic Surgery Done On The Nose?

Rhinoplasty specialists in Delhi

Medically known as Rhinoplasty, the nose-related plastic surgery usually aims to change the shape of an individual’s nose. Most people usually opt for the procedure to alter the form of their nose and cure their breathing issues.

Although the surgical method mild and less-complicated, you should still be cautious and opt for the best Rhinoplasty specialists in Delhi. In addition, it also becomes imperative for you to know more about the surgery itself. So, be sure to keep reading if you are interested in it.

What is nose plastic surgery?

A nose plastic surgery, or nose job, is a type of cosmetic procedure, which is generally done to alter the function and shape of one’s nose. Through Rhinoplasty, the doctor at Skin Care Clinic in Rohini can change the cartilage, bones, or the skin of the organ. Make sure to talk with your surgeon thoroughly before undergoing the surgical procedure.

Why it's done?

According to the best clinic for Rhinoplasty in Delhi, the surgery is done for several medical and non-medical purposes. The following are the most prominent ones among them.

  • To change the size or shape of the nose for purely aesthetic purposes.
  • Correct any congenital disability that involves the nose of an individual
  • Improve or cure breathing difficulty issues
  • Repair the deformities caused by an injury of the nose

How Much does nose plastic surgery costs in Delhi?

On average, the Rhinoplasty cost in Delhi usually starts from INR 75,000 and goes up to INR 2,00,000. The procedure's expense usually depends on the doctor's experience and expertise, the usage of advanced technologies, the healthcare centre, etc.

Where Do I Begin?

Before preparing for the procedure, the doctor may ask you about your medical history. In turn, it will help him/her know if any complication will arise during the surgery or not. Moreover, he/she might also take a physical exam to check your vitals properly. It might include blood tests, laboratory tests, etc.

After that, the assistant of the surgeon will take some pictures of your nose from different angles. It might be used for a “before-after” section later. Lastly, he/she would have a discussion about your expectations regarding the surgery as well. It is a usual errand done by almost every Rhinoplasty specialists in Delhi to understand their patients’ mindset.

What can you expect?

The Rhinoplasty surgical procedure is unique in its own accord and can vary from one person to another. However, in most cases, the surgeon will begin by applying local anaesthesia to numb the senses of your nose. This way, you would not feel any pain at all. After that, he/she will make a small incision through your nose and perform the surgery through it. If you have chosen the best clinic for Rhinoplasty in Delhi, then the latter procedure will depend on its usage of technology and the type of surgery.

After the surgery

Once the surgery is completed, you will have rest in your bed for a few hours. Your head will be raised upwards to minimize bleeding and pain. Your nose might feel somewhat congested due to the surgery. It might happen due to the placement of splints as well.

The internal dressing of your nose will last for around a week. During the first few days, you might encounter mild bleeding and excretion of mucus. Nevertheless, it will go away in a few days. You will also need to stay away from strenuous works for at least 3-6 weeks.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about undergoing Rhinoplasty for your purpose, then the plastic surgery clinic in Rohini should be your ideal choice. Aside from offering high-end procedures, the Rhinoplasty cost in Delhi, too, is relatively low. So, it should be perfect for you.

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