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Are you tired of temporary solutions to get rid of those unwanted hair follicles on your body? If yes, then laser therapy is the option worth considering. Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted hair growth from the various parts of the body in a précised way. The idea behind the technique is to focus the highly concentrated light into the target hair follicles. The pigments absorb the light and destroy the hair from the root.

How Laser Hair Removal Work

Before the treatment, you will be asked to wear protective eye shields to prevent injury to retinas. Thereafter, target hair is trimmed and a cold gel is applied over the skin which protects the covering and allows laser light penetration effectively. A low-energy beam is directed spot-by-spot to the treatment area to disable the active-growth hair follicles. The intense heat from the laser beam damages the follicles. You may feel discomfort due to sensation such as a warm pinprick. Treating small areas such as upper lip might take only a few minutes whereas larger areas might take more than an hour.

Important Facts for Laser Hair Removal

Here are a few things you need to know before you opt for laser hair removal:

  • The procedure is less painful as compared to other traditional approaches. A light and warm pinch are felt when the light beam comes in contact with the skin.
  • You need to shave the target area before the treatment so that the laser beam can penetrate only into the root of the hair and not the surrounding skin. Also, stop waxing or applying bleach one month before the session to keep the roots intact.
  • Hair growth between sessions should be shaved off but not waxed or threaded.
  • People with thick, coarse and dark hair are the ideal candidates for laser treatment.
  • Laser hair removal procedure is most effective when you wish to remove hair from areas like bikini, lip, chin, and underarms.
  • Medicines that are photosensitive such as antibiotics need to be stopped before the procedure. Also, the use of skincare products with strong actives (retinoids, hydroxy acids) is prohibited as they may irritate during the treatment session.
  • One should apply sunscreen to the affected area to avoid exposure to the sun.
  • On average, the results of the treatment are witnessed after six to eight sessions provided no sitting is skipped.

  • Cost of Laser Hair Removal

    The cost of the laser hair removal procedure depends on certain factors that include:

  • The body part where the treatment is required.
  • The period of the treatment depends on the size of the target area.
  • The number of treatments or sittings required.
  • The geographical location where the procedure is done.
  • The choice of doctor (experience and qualification).
  • In general, the average cost of laser hair removal procedure varies between $50 to $300 per session.


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    Skinalaya is dedicated to skin care & aesthetic practices in a scientific & ethical way to promote skin care. It is located in the Rohini, Delhi, India.