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Best Vitiligo Surgery in Rohini,Delhi - Skinalayas

Vitiligo Surgeries

When our skin loses the regular color pigments, patches are created and the disease is known vitiligo. However, it is possible to treat this skin problem with surgeries at our clinic. If treatment is not done on time, these spots keep growing. When this grows, it will not only affect your skin but can also harm your oral health. Our skin has a specific color according to melanin. But when these skin cells are not able to produce melanin, these patches appear on your skin. This can lower down your confidence. Your skin color at these patches can be restored by vitiligo surgery.


If your skin cells of a particular region have stopped producing melanin, then this can be due to your weak immune system. In many of the cases, these patches are seen due to heredity. Apart from that, excessive mental pressure or stress can promote the growth of these patches. Exposure of your skin to direct sun for a longer period of time can also damage the skin cells and hence causes vitiligo.


Before starting the treatment, doctors will diagnose the problem with some basic tests like a blood test. The method of treatment wholly depends on the cause of the patch and age of the person. On an initial level, people try treating those patches by consuming the medications. But if you are taking medications for a long period and still you fail to notice any improvement, then you must visit our clinic.

One of the ways of performing vitiligo surgery is skin grafting. Small parts of your well-pigmented skin are extracted and they are made ready to graft at the affected area. After they are ready, the surgeons will carefully transfer them to the patches. Some weeks after getting this treatment done, you will get an even skin tone in that region. Blister grafting and repigmentation procedure are the other two ways to treat vitiligo. The method of cellular suspension transplants may or may not give you the even tone on your patches.

Doctors at our clinic will start with the vitiligo surgery with the method that is most suitable for you. You can gain your beauty and confidence by getting rid of these patches. For the best results and to get the treatment precisely done, you must visit our clinic. Expertise hands of surgeons will help you get rid of vitiligo at an affordable price.

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