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Best Lobuloplasty Surgery in Rohini, Delhi - Skinalaya

Lobuloplasty Surgery

All of us like to wear beautiful and heavy pieces of earrings. But wearing these heavy earrings for a long time can tear and stretch your earlobe. This problem is experienced by both, males and females. Apart from this, the cause of this problem can also be trauma. A person who is not feeling good about the stretched earlobe, they can get it back to normal by lobuloplasty surgery. This treatment is also the best option for people having abnormal earlobe shape and other such issues.


The procedure for this surgery is not so complicated. You will be happy to see your beautiful earlobe after a simple procedure. The damage caused to your earlobe will be rectified by the team of qualified as well as experienced surgeons at our clinic. If your earlobe is stretched, then the torn part of the skin is removed precisely. Then the surgeons will stitch the fresh edges to give you a perfect earlobe again. After a couple of months, you can get that same earlobe pierced again. Thus, in some months after the surgery, you can again wear beautiful earrings.

You will experience almost no pain and discomfort during the procedure. Also, you can continue your daily routine work from the next day itself after lobuplasty. This does not require any post-treatment rest or care.

For How Long Does the Surgery Lasts?

This treatment is one of the most convenient, quick, and affordable treatment. Since the procedure is simple that includes no complications, it will not take more than a few minutes to get lobuloplasty done. At maximum, it requires half an hour to rectify and cure the torn earlobe.

TThe surgery and the stitches would not leave any major scar. Only a light scar may appear that gets faded with the passage of time. Any kind of additional care and rest is not required after the surgery gets over. Do not worry, you will not be hospitalized.

The person visiting our clinic for lobuloplasty is neither asked to invest their worthy time, nor they are asked for heavy amount of money. One of the most important benefits of this surgery is that it gives promising outcomes at an affordable cost. As the surgery is performed by a team of expert surgeons, the risk involved in this procedure is minimal. Therefore, keeping all these factors in mind, you must visit our clinic to get lobuloplasty treatment done.

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