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Scar Revision

Scar Revision

When an injury gets healed, it leaves behind a scar on your skin. This scar gives a bad appearance. People try different home remedies to get rid of the scar but in vain. For the faster and promising outcomes, you must go for a scar revision at our clinic. After the procedure is completed, the scar will be blended with the skin and people will not be able to notice it. When new skin develops over a region of injury, it may not match the tone of your skin. Hence, that part becomes noticeable and may degrade your appearance.


Anesthesia is applied so that you do not experience any kind of pain while the surgeons are performing scar revision. Then, small and precise incisions are made in the affected area. As discussed above, the scar is blended with your skin tone to match the same. The technique and method of this scar blending depend on the size and type of scar that you have. In case your scar is older or deep into the skin layers, it will have to be removed surgically.

Recovery After the Surgery:

For the best outcomes and to get rid of the scar, there are some measures that you need to take care of after the surgery is completed. When your scar is in the process of healing, your skin may get swelled or you feel skin irritation as well. Doctors at Skinalaya will give you an accurate set of medications that will keep you out of discomfort. If possible, protect your skin from direct sunlight for a week after the surgery. If you follow all the instructions given by the surgeon, you will feel more than happy to see your scar getting disappear. Scar revision surgery is done at an affordable rate at our clinic giving the expected outcomes.

How Painful is Scar Revision?

Following the latest technology and instruments, we ensure that the scar revision procedure is not painful for our patients. Our support staff will make sure that you do not experience any kind of trouble or discomfort while you are in our clinic. Apart from that, we ensure creating a peaceful and calm environment for the people visiting our clinic for various treatments. Therefore, you must opt for this painless as well as an affordable method to eliminate the scars from your skin. This will contribute to enhancing your beauty as well as confidence!

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